Lip Love Keychain Bag

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This Lip Balm from Nash & Jones is rich and velvet smooth, lasts for hours, and does not clog pores. It hydrates for immediate relief of chapped/irritated/dry lips + protects against further dryness/damage. It also comes in a travel pouch that you can take anywhere on your key chain. Made with earth ingredients without PETROLEUM…so the good ingredients can do their job unobstructed. {hint…put it on before you sleep at night for ultimate overnight hydration}

Earth Ingredients: Expeller Pressed Avocado Oil [Persea gratissima],  Beeswax [cera alba], Shea Butter [Vitellaria paradoxa], Vitamin E [D-alpha Tocopherol], Peppermint Essential Oil [Mentha piperita], Menthol Crystals [Mentha Arvensis]. No preservatives.