Canvas For Creativity - A Gentle Guide To Art Journaling

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Unlock your inner playfulness and find inspiration in your daily life through art journaling! Creativity is much more than meticulous drawing or having a perfect eye for colour. An art journal is a visual diary that helps you let go of perfectionism and express yourself in your own special way. Art journaling can be life-changing in many wonderful ways.

Canvas for Creativity follows the journey of an overachiever embracing creativity. The visually engaging book serves as a step-by-step guide to help you start your own art journaling adventure.

”I used to fear failure and making the wrong decisions. Art journaling has filled my life with gentleness and courage. Now, I dare to experiment more. Art journaling has also been a huge support during tough moments and in processing emotions.”

Anni Peltola is a Helsinki-based artist and creativity coach, whose professional path led her from occupational therapy to entrepreneurship in the field of art.