The Voyager Journal

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The Voyager is inspired by a story I wrote about a little girl whose dream was to sail beyond the horizon, but fear steps in and begins to rob her. The story is a reflection of how fear stepped in and told me I wasn’t brave enough or equipped enough to pursue my dream, but the Lord met me there and reminded me who I am. He didn’t call me fearless but he called me brave. He didn’t call me equipped, but he told me he was going before me. He reminded me HE was enough. I didn’t need to be everything I thought I needed to be. God just wanted my yes.

A physical object of that yes (five years later) is this very journal. May it serve you well!

- God -

I bind any feelings of imposter syndrome and inadequacy in Jesus name. Renew my mind and remind me that I know your voice when the enemy speaks. I cast off any feeling of dread and anxiousness for the future, and in its place, fill me with the joy that fills you when you see the work begin. Teach me not to despise small beginnings. Each day, fill me with the fruit of your spirit, God. Equip me with what I will need. And when I’m doubting myself again, Abba remind me to pause and close my eyes, and picture your smile. There’s confidence in your eyes when you look at me. Thank you, Father. I know you are worthy of my yes. Amen.

Size: 5.5 w x 7 h

Key features: Six bindings, Brass snap, Drawing paper or lined paper

Leather: Light brown Denvor leather