The Worthy Journal

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The Worthy journal is inspired by Jesus humanity. My heart is satisfied in who Jesus is, but not content to never have more of his heart and time. As I’ve grown to trust him, what my heart rejoices in most often is Jesus’ nature.

I weep when I see how he allows himself to be moved and effected by others. How often do we see strangers live like this rather than putting up a wall of disassociation? Jesus associates himself with everyone who will let him and he does it without shame or fear of what others will think.

Jesus’ humanity is one of the greatest gifts I have ever known. I can’t wrap my mind around God coming in human form, and while it is too wonderful for me to comprehend, I know his humanity is where my heart has longed to meet him most.

Jesus knew anxiety, fear, feelings of deep sorrow, disappointment in relationships, as well as true joy, life giving laughter, and everything in between. Not only is he able to see me and meet me in every emotion, relational situation, and mindset, as if this wasn’t already so kind of him. He also pours out his spirit. He takes authority over the things that seek to rob or harm me, and wages war on them on my behalf. He gives back ten fold what fear, anxiety, depression, and shame have stolen from me. WHAT kind of friend and savior is HE that he would meet me in my desert wasteland and tell it to flourish and be whole, because he intends for it to be my promise land? Who is he if not WORTHY and sufficient for me?

- God - 

Thank you, Abba. I don’t have words that would adequately describe your faithfulness and compassion. All I know is you’ve tested the strength of the ground before me, and I will trust and follow you. Thank you for giving strength to my days and rest to my nights. Continue to teach me to trust you. Thank you for being a loving father who sits with your children in grief, as well as joy. I’ve never known anyone to be as faithful as this. Amen.

Size: 6.75 w x 8.5 h

Key features: Six bindings, Silver hold with quarter inch wrap

Leather: Brown oil stained leather