The Eustace Journal

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The Eustace Journal

“But in an instant he realized the truth. The dragon face in the pool was his own reflection. There was no doubt of it. It moved as he moved: it opened and shut its mouth as he opened and shut his. He had turned into a dragon while he was asleep. Sleeping on a dragon’s hoard with greedy, dragnoish thoughts in his heart, he had become a dragon himself.” – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader by C.S. Lewis

Eustace is the character that we revile, but also, if we truly look back on ourselves, he is more like us than we would care to admit. He is difficult and you can’t help but to abhor him the more that you know him. He is blinded by his own desires and he whole-heartedly believes himself to be superior to everyone around him. Just as you think he can’t possibly turn a corner, his outside becomes the reflection of what his insides have been- a dragon.

But instead of leaning into his dragonish ways, Eustace begins the act of stripping away the vile and selfish parts of his character. He becomes kind and helpful and generous. But his dragon hide, still reflects the unredeemed soul that he was before. He is unable to strip away his own dragon skin and shed the last vestige of his old life.

But Aslan. Aslan has always seen Eustace and he comes to him. Eustace feels his unworthiness and feels the shame of his dragon-like appearance and begins to tear and strip away his very skin in an attempt to be clean again. Three times he tears his own skin away, only to find himself still covered in scales. Aslan says to Eustace that the only way for him to be clean is for Aslan to complete the process for him. Eustace submits to Aslan and the Great Lion sinks his own claws into that hide and pulls away the echoes of Eustace’s old soul and reveals Eustace as who Aslan has always known him to be. While Eustace is not perfect following this redemption moment (who of us is?) he makes a conscious choice to never forget the Great Lion and how he uncovered and recovered him anew. And that makes all the difference.

- God-

Thank you for meeting me in the deepest, darkest spaces of our soul and still saying, “I want you. You are worthy.” Thank You for seeing me as I truly am and still finding me worthy of pursuit. You have always loved me at my darkest. Thank You for entering into the darkness in order to pull me towards the Light. Help me to walk boldly into the light and to realize that what I am leaving behind will never compare with what you want to give to me. Amen.

Size: 4.5 w x 6 h

Key features: Four bindings, Silver snap, lined pages

Leather: Light brown Denvor leather