Ciao Bella Long Sleeve T-Shirt

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Ciao Bella! Hello Beautiful!
Our summer line features a long sleeve, lightweight tee in a fun, neon melon color. Perfect to throw on over your swimsuit at the beach or pair with shorts to grab lunch with a sweet friend. It is a Comfort Colors tee, designed locally.

100% cotton
Recommended Care: Wash separately or with like colors in cold water.

Story behind the Line:
Growing up in a big Italian family, I collected a pocket full of Italian expressions that have become special to me over the years!

One of the is the phrase, "Ciao Bella!" Ciao (pronounced: chow) can mean hello or goodbye and bella means beautiful. For this collection I chose hello as the interpretation so as to receive it more as a greeting than a farewell.
I can still hear my dad's warm voice saying this to me with his classic New York accent.