Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day Book by Kate Bowler

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Kate Bowler believes the cultural pressure to be cheerful and optimistic at all times has taken a toll on our faith. But what if we could find better language than forced positivity to express our hopes and our anxieties?Have a Beautiful, Terrible Day! is packed with bite-sized reflections and action-steps to help you get through the day. Good days. Bad days. Totally mediocre ones. This is a devotional for the rest of us, which is to say, the people who don't always have magical lives that work out. Written in a season of chronic pain, Bowler understands that every day can be an obstacle course. She encourages us to develop our capacity to feel the breadth of our experiences. The better we are at identifying our highs and lows, the more resilient we become. Like a modern-day psalmist, Bowler's spiritual reflections look for the ways we can expand our capacity for courage, love, and honesty — while discovering divine moments with God.